Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm not giving up, just repatriating

That's it. I'm not.

My new thought is to move it all to America and become an American writer with an American setting. We have lots of mountains, lots of cities, and it's a lot more accessible to me than Poland or Slovakia. Where could I put this story and retain some of its geographical essence. Originally, I was going to be right here in Wisconsin, and use the Great Lakes and bring Indians into the story. I could do all the research necessary for that in a car on weekends. The starting point is then Chicago, the two other endpoints are West Rock, WI (now that the Rock River has become nearly impassable from the east), and Traverse City, MI, home of cherries and salt. There's not much in the way of mountains, but there's plenty of wilderness in between, wolves, Indian Country, water, magic ...

My original title was Dazhiikewin.

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Thomas Hartley said...

I have always wanted someone to make the Wisconsin Dells what it could have been had money and awful ideas not driven it to the kitschy tourist spot it is today. Researching the area when not in season might give insight on how to reimagine why humans chose the dells as their main attraction for the wisconsin area. I think america is a great setting and wisconsin could use some magic. It seems the only reason people think of wisconsin as lame is due to their lack of exposure in writing and the media. After reading many of your posts, more ideas to ponder may not be very helpful. But, I personally would enjoy reading a novel that changes my perception about where I live. I think many people, especially young adults, do not feel informed enough about other countries and shy away from reading books set anywhere other than America. Wisconsin, on the other hand, is very accessible. Good luck with the novel, see you soon.