Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still idling

The traffic light may be broken, it's been red so long. But sometimes you aren't in a big hurry and you have stuff to think about, or songs to listen to, so a forced hiatus at the intersection feels more like a reprieve than a delay. But now I'm getting the sense that I should be moving on, and that I've got the switch that runs the light in my hand. If I don't flip it, then it's foot-dragging.

I wanted a tone that was more striking, more distinct and even idiosyncratic, not just accomplished. Though perhaps I should not be worrying about such things at this moment. Better to get the boat back in the water. I also wanted to learn everything, but I probably don't need to know everything.

I want to talk about geology and changes in the earth on a much larger temporal scale, so that in comparison, jumping a couple hundred years back and forth, as an individual, would not seem so special.

I want to make Bloem more vibrant, put her at greater risk, interpersonally, put the controls in her hands, and put her at the mercy of forces she can't control.

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